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Achieve a new beginning, fresh start, and a better life with Arizona Organized Solutions! Our goal is to provide you with organization services that work with your specific needs and desires and make you feel comfortable and confident in your space. We encourage our clients to be a part of this process every step of the way so that we are not only creating an organized space but are teaching the skills to cultivate a lifestyle change. 

Our mission is to rid your home of clutter while simultaneously helping you find peace and closure through purging. We understand that this is an emotional process and our professionals will be there for you every step of the way. When you hire Arizona Organized Solutions, we clean your mind and your home of clutter. 

We were founded in 2015 and we are located in Mesa, AZ. Organizing is our passion, and we are excited to bring that same energy to you and your home! Give us a call today for more information about our organization services and how they can benefit you!

Marilee Hixon Founder & CEO

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Our Services

Complete Home Organization
Complete Home Organization

We focus on kitchens, attics, garages, and more!

Home/Commercial office Organization & Paperwork
Home/Commercial Office Organization 

Increase work productivity with our services. 

Excessive Clutter/Hoarding
Excessive Clutter

Start over with a clean slate with Arizona Organized Solutions!

Pack/Unpack For Your Upcoming Move
Pack/Unpack For Your Upcoming Move

Ensure that you are making the most out of your move.

Flood/Fire Belongings Removal, Rebuild And Unpack
Flood/Fire Belongings Removal & Unpack

We are here for you during this hard time. 

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements

Allow us to share our knowledge at your event. 

Our Goals

  • To help reduce the clutter and chaos in each specific space and begin to eliminate that extra stress in your home or office.
  • To give you back the necessary time, space, and productivity so that you can get back to the activities you enjoy.
  • To teach you the techniques, processes, and different principles of organizing so that you can maintain your very own organized space.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons and benefits of working with us:

We assess your residential needs and assess your needs to help, create and implement a beautiful system to create order.

Assess your residential or office organizing needs.

Create and develop a course of action for your space with your input.

Teach and/or implement organizing techniques that will work best for you and your family so that you all can maintain the organized space and enjoy a more stress-free environment.

We have a cleaning team, handymen, and a network of professionals in all areas of home improvement, to help get the most out of your space

We remove all debris, trash, and donations for you.

How We Do It


P = Purge what you are no longer using

E = Establish Categories
A = Assign a home for Everything
C = Create New Systems and Containerize
E - Embark on this new journey with New Habits


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